Leo Atari Pitaru
Jan 4 2010, NYC

This video was taken when Leo was 12 days old (which is really -18 days because he was born a month early). Midway through the video Amit’s hand comes into the frame, and you can see how tiny he is, even for a newborn.

The music in the room is from Miyazaki’s movie “My Friend Totoro”. It makes all of us in the house very sleepy. In fact we dare you to watch the entire clip with sound and stay awake.

Leo is both a Latin and Japanese name. In Japan it is pronounced 'ray-o' with that distinct l/r sound. Makiko will soon pick the Japanese characters and define its meaning.



Atari in Japanese means "to hit the target" or "to receive something fortuitously". The word is used when a prediction comes true [wikipedia]

Atari is also a last name in Hebrew. It's derived from the word Atara which means a crown or jewel.

Although he never owned an Atari consol, the name makes Amit nostalgic and reminiscent of his childhood.